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A Myth About Gmail Reverse Email Search Investigations Exposed!
Copyright (c) 2010 Ed Opperman
It is amazing just how smart Cyber stalkers think that they are. This is especially true for those that feel secure just because they are using a Gmail email account. Cyber stalkers often believe that it is virtually impossible for anyone to catch them just because they use Gmail. This of course is exactly the type of thinking that can be used against them, to locate and identify who they are, document every step of the investigation and compile enough evidence to turn over to authorities. This documentation can be used in a civil or criminal court case.
There is a reason that cyber bullies and stalkers prefer sending victims threatening and sexually explicit emails from a Gmail email account, over other types of email accounts. It is because they believe Gmail is an email system that removes all of the IP information from a sender`s email header when they send a message to other people on the Internet. The harasser believes that since this one piece of information is removed, there will be no way that anyone will be able to trace the email and identify who they really are. This is definitely a myth about reset gmail password that has given the experienced private investigator the upper hand over the clever stalker in a Gmail reverse email search investigation.
First of all the Gmail header does not strip the IP information of the sender in every case. In most cases it will but certainly not in every case. We won`t reveal the reason why here because we don`t want those clever stalkers to have this information too. Also there is more information available in a header than just the IP address. Many times you can obtain identifying or geographic information about the sender just by examining the Gmail headers. But the most important fact to remember about a reverse email search investigation is that the headers are only a small part of the investigation. Experienced investigators have an entire took box full of tricks to trap and trace the clever email stalker. We use databases, both public and private, pretexts, spider sites, trap lines and email web bugs. Each step is carefully recorded and documented to preserve evidence and bring the online stalker to justice. Don`t fall for myths about Gmail reverse email search investigations when there are professionals that are experienced and capable of exposing bullies and sexual predators.
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