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Accessing Florida Divorce Records

Officially Free Divorce Records called the Dissolution of Marriage Records, Florida divorce records are stored and maintained by the State Office of Vital Statistics under the supervision of the Florida Department of Health. They are kept together with Florida marriage records since a law was enacted in 1927, pushing for the centralization of Marriage and Divorce records into one repository.

With its big population, ranking fourth in the United States, Florida ranks amongst the worst when it comes to divorce cases with a rate of six out of a thousand people getting involved in divorce cases.

Divorce cases that occurred and are filed dating from June 6, 1927 up to the present are stored at the Florida Department of Health. Cases that happened prior to that date are kept at the Clerk of Court where the marriage ended. Anyone is entitled to obtain such Florida Divorce Records Search information as long as requirements are provided. There is a fee of $5 per copy and all required information about the divorce should also be provided so a search can be conducted. Payments for requests are non-refundable even if no result is found for your search. A certificate will be given instead to formally declare that no such files are found at their repository.

Divorce records are classified into two types ? one is a divorce decree and the other is a divorce record. Included in a divorce decree is the terms and conditions of the ended marriage. And a divorce record has basic details of the divorce. Details like the groom and bride?s name, date and place of the divorce.

Copies of divorce records can be ordered through mail. But like most government agencies, obtaining such records are lengthy. Fortunately, they can now be ordered online with the help of commercial records keepers. Now obtaining them is faster, easier and secure. Be sure to provide all information you know about the people involved in the divorce so results can be provided for you as quickly as possible.

Commercial records keepers have access to a wide source of information of divorce court records, whether at a county level or nationwide. They make use of an extensive database that gathers data from courts and repositories. They are updated on a regular basis to keep search results complete and updated for changes. Now you do not have to go out and fall in long lines and get bummed because now you can do it while resting at home. These sites require fees for their service but they are minimal. But not all sites might fit the kind of search you need to perform so it is also important to choose the right website before starting.
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