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Real Estatevaluation Guide Philippines
Philippines endorsed the IVSC evaluation benchmark for valuation and estimation of real estate property under the conditions of the Philippines rules. Real estate enthusiasts use it as a standard for valuing land based properties.
broadly practiced procedures under this setting are :
Sales Comparison approache : in this procedure thevaluator seeks information in connection with the recently sold houses in that vicinity to use that data as a benchmark. The arbiter uses the data to find value patterns and trends in the market. The assessor also gathers data about other buyer profiles,length of time on the market, number of similar cataloged properties available during this time. These data are used by the agent to valuate a market estimate. It is one of the most accepted approaches to real estate market valuation. And it holds good for residential properties.Thisprocedure is suitable to all forms of real property. However it is not firm for commercial properties & it does not hold sound when market is shaky and there is insufficient market transactions.
Cost Approach : In this method a buyer of a real estate should not pay more for a property than the cost of switching it with an identical property minus the applicable depreciation.Three methods are used condo philippines practically in this method.They are:
Reproduction cost method : This method is suited when the cost of a current identical asset is more than the cost of building a clone of the subject asset,
Replacement cost method: it involves appraising the price that a market investor would pay and the exchange cost is corrected for physical diminish and all relevant forms of degradation.
Summation method : Mainly used for investment companies, the steps involves evaluating each of the elementary assets and summing the value to find the main asset value.
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